ASTP s.r.o. company (Automated Systems of Technological Processes) is a Czech firm sited in Brno. It was founded in 1998. It has 16 permanent employees. The main course of our activities leads to development and production of various industrial electronics.

The company ensures its own development and consequenting production of all product, the lay of interest is in control of single-purpose machines and devices.

By customerīs data we can find optimal solution from the view of function, time answer and expenses. Technical solution is made on the basis of analysis. Thanks to our development bases and experience we are capable to project electronical and electrical part not only from standard components, but also from control units of our own and sensors already made or to develop new ones. Thanks to close cooperation with mechanical workrooms we are able to solve and supply even necessary mechanical components. Designed solution including mechanical parts and switch board case can be implemented, the prototype produced and also made in series production. We can train the customerīs servicemen and operating staff and deliver service instruments needed. Guarantee and afterguarantee service is provided, so as maintenance of control system, possible upgrade of programme equipment by customerīs order.

Control systems are constructed and optimalized for certain type of controlled machine or facility from the view of HW and SW. That brings advantages in much lower price comparing to price of usual PLC control systems. The optimalized HW and SW system also enables to control the operations descerning much time and response swiftness. It is suitable for fast and special signal processing and complicated control algorithm.

As our products run at many machines in this republic and also abroad, we are experienced in remote technical support and at the customerīs too.

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