Other development and production

            ASTP s.r.o. company develops and produces control systems and various industrial electronics including switch boards. During the years many types of control, electronics and switch boards were developed and produced. Some of them are:

The motor control for the paper coiling of print machine.

The B&R PLC control system was used for this realization. It was made for GRAFOMED CR spol.s r.o.

Signal convertor of incremental sensor from RS422 on TTL for PLC Bosch equipment.

Various control boards- position admeasurement by incremental sensor.

Relative incremental sensor with distinction of 100 or 500 impulses per turn with interface RS422. Without cover- intended for building-in into machine.

Modular control system GA2. Intended for control of single-purpose machines.

Supervision of safety circuit for door switch in lifts.

Control of thermal sticking of tiles on carrying sheet.

Colour mix control.

Yarn winding control.

Switch board for quality analysis of bearings.

Displaying of shift in three axes for cutter.

Small board measuring tool intended for building-in- length measuring, impulse counting, speed measuring.

Formatting saw machine for plastic material.
The old control system with relays : The control system of sluicing chambers - ŠKODA FTK250, HUTNÍ MONTÁŽE Ostrava - Moravský Krumlov.

The reconstruction - replacement of the old relay control system by the new microcomputer control system.

The new control system after reconstruction :